I am a trance healer with the help of my spirit surgeon, Sir Reginald Watson Jones. We can bring the best healing relief for your physical pain. I can also help heal your dogs and cats too.
Peter Langhorn

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I can provide healing via Skype or Facetime, to read more about my Skype healing or to book, please go to my distance healing page.

Psychic Surgeon Peter Langhorn
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I provide home visits in the comfort of your own environment. Read more by going to my trance healing page to arrange a visit.

Psychic Surgeon Peter Langhorn
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I provide trance psychic healing via Skype or Facetime. Please contact me to arrange a session.


Please watch my introduction video which will explain about what I do..

I have devoted my life helping people and also animals with the help of my spirit surgeon Sir Reginald Watson Jones.

The treatments are normally carried after consultations from the patients own doctor and there are many testimonials to check here from people who have received the benefits of healing from me.

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Posted by Peter Langhorn on Tuesday, 10 January 2017

A Selection of Testimonials

Tonight we are reflecting on the trance reading. Yes we saw and heard my husband, the way he used to wet his lips with his tongue and his stutter and your face went dark like his African face.
Many thanks to Peter Langhorn today for the psychic surgery. It was fantastic. My chest feels much better and my hip is brilliant, many thanks. I recommend him to anyone who is frightened, but wants to go it's very good.
I would like to say a massive thank you to Peter and his spirit guide Reginald. My results in October were amazing, the tumour has not grown. I have no pain and I do not have to go back until 13/1/2015 to see my consultant. This is after psychic surgery.
When Peter begun to send healing I felt it warm throughout the body and how it begun to tingle and became hot in my head then it got hot in my hands so Peter then asked me to put my hands onto my son to transfer the healing. It was fantastic.