Distance Healing

We can connect through Skype or Facetime for healing

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What is distance healing?

Distance healing is a form of 'healing energy' sent across the space that works with the physical, emotional and mental aspects of the individual and it works by transferring the energy to the person's body. Distance healing can be performed from anywhere at any time without requiring to be physically present with me.

How distance healing works?

I have a spirit surgeon (Sir Reginald Watson Jones) who assists me in trance with healing to patients. The patient tells me where the pain is and once I connect with my spirit surgeon I transfer the healing energy to you, this allows my healing energy to help with any type of pain.

What happens during distance healing?

During a distance healing session when the energy connection is established a patient receives my energy that can be used to help pain or body discomforts and the individual can feel heat, coolness or tingling. When the session is finished the patient will be free of pain and feeling euphoric.

Why you need distance healing?

The most common requests for distance healing sessions are stress, anxiety, joint pain, fatigue, fever, local pain, headaches and colds. I would not be exagerate by stating that my success rate is around 70%.

Booking a Trance Healing Session

* Before starting a trance healing session I always advice to consult a doctor.

* For any trance healing session every patient will require a witness to verify what is happening during the healing.

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