Psychic Surgery and Phone Healing testimonials for Peter Langhorn

Many thanks to Peter Langhorn today for the psychic surgery. It was fantastic. My chest feels much better and my hip is brilliant, many thanks. I recommend him to anyone who is frightened, but wants to go it's very good.


I would like to say a massive thank you to Peter and his spirit guide Reginald. My results in October were amazing, the tumour has not grown. I have no pain and I do not have to go back until 13/1/2015 to see my consultant. This is after psychic surgery.


Wow, my husband and I had psychic surgery from Peter Langhorn and his spirit surgeon Reginald. For the first time in eight years I have no back pain, my husband has no pain in his hip.


I would like extend my gratitude to Peter Langhorn who performed marvelous psychic surgery on my body. I could hardly bend down to put my socks on and within minutes his wonderful guide Reginald was firstly working on my heart of which no pain was felt, but I knew his fingers were inside my body and then onto my stomach. Reginald his healing guide performed psychic surgery on my back. I got up from the bed and I could bend down and touch the floor with the palms of my hands, all back pain gone.


Thank you for your demonstration last night at The Portsmouth School of Psychic Development for the Psychic Surgery Healing. It was an absolute pleasure to watch you work, you are a true ambassoder for Spirit. I am truly thankful to the healing to both of my knees and my shoulder, all are still pain free this morning and the range of movement on these joints has improved greatly it was such a relief not to have this searing pain last night, and last night I was actually running up and down the stairs something that I have not done in months, you where right I slept well too, I can't thank you enough and would whole heartedly recommend you to any one.

Alana Judge

Still speechless after seeing Peter Langhorn last night, such an amazing experience for anyone interested in psychic surgery healing check him out, his gift is the best words I can use sensational, what a blessing for the work that he does.

Slough Spiritualist Church

Fantastic night, not only is Peter Langhorn a great healer he is humourous and entertaining with it as for the psychic surgery healing I was fortunate enough to be a volunteer after twelve years of neck and shoulder pain and a few thousand out of pocket trying to fix it. Peter and his spirit surgeon Reginald very old school gent worked wonders the pain diminished and I could move my neck more than before. After endless chiropractors, acupuncture, physio, cortisone injections with not much success. This was an amazing result thank you so much.

Hythe Spiritual Centre

Thank you Peter Langhorn for travelling to the Isle of Wight and a wonderful evening of psychic surgery healing was amazing, my back is great now pain free and such a restful nights sleep, a big thank you. Nicola Fahey

Dragonfly Newport Isle of Wight

14th October 2015. Sacred Spirit Centre Portsmouth spent in the company of Peter Langhorn who gave us a marcelous display of not just messages from Spirit but rarely witnessed psychic surgery via is guides. Thank you Peter for a lovely evening and thanks Paul Cissell for bringing Peter to the centre.

Sacred Spirit Centre Portsmouth

14th October Sacred Spirit Portsmouth Jacqui Horobin thank you so much for this evening. This was the first time I have had psychic surgery and I must say the most amazing thing. I have been in pain for at least two years the worst my shoulder and hip. As of yet the doctors do not know why I am in pain but for the first time after a very long time after having psychic surgery, I am able to lift my arms in the air and I am walking without pain in my hip. I have walked up the stairs to my bed with ease and even cuddled my son without pain in my shoulder. I am totally speechless my husband who is a non believer is in total disbelief, he is looking at me in wonderment and amazement because he cannot remember the last time that I walked normally without pain. I also look like I have a glow in me and the fine lines in my face have gone. So thank you again I promise I will be back for more if I feel the need.

Jacqui Horobin

15th December. A big thank you to Peter Langhorn and his healing spirit team my kidney is better. Thank you so much to your spirit surgeon Reginald and your amazing spirit team you have working through you. A special man you are Peter I recommend a session

Christopher Grimes Powerhouse

Thank you Peter Langhorn for the psychic surgery that you performed on my cat Cle. She needed surgery so the vet said , but after your psychic surgery she is now in tip top health and does not need an op, plus her tumour has completely dissapeared.I can't thank you enough.

Tina Modestou Jan 18 2016 Facebook

Thank you so much for seeing my mother in law. She has been having pain and discomfort around the scar area in her chest but after Reginald treated her with your psychic surgery the pain and discomfort has gone I will definitely recommend you to all.

Sarah Snelling, Sandy Balls holiday centre 6th February 2016

Thank you for sorting my lower back pain out with your spirit surgeon guide Sir Reginald, I am pain free for the first time in nine years, I will now be able to lift up my little daughter.

Peter Muggeridge

Many thanks Peter for the exceptional night with several evidential success of psychic surgery . The speed of healing was phenomenal and the instant positive results from freedom from pain was amazing . As far as my own healing was concerned I was gobsmacked just how quickly I could feel the healing energy rise into my legs hands and then transfer to my wrist and forearm . A real great experience and free from pain.

March 14th 2016 Hayling Island Spiritual Centre Colin Golding

Psychic surgery what a wonderful form of pain relief this is , having spent many years with hands that keep locking and kept me from playing golf , Then I had psychic surgery from Peter Langhorn and Sir Reginald his spirit surgeon , I am now absolutely pain free.

June 3rd 2016 - Spiritual Awakening East Grinstead - John Humphrey

Thank you Peter Langhorn for a fantastic demonstration of psychic surgery at the spiritual awakening event so many people now pain free Fantastic to meet you.

April 16th 2016 - Sharon y Darymple

Well done Peter Langhorn for a superb demonstration of psychic surgery for us at the Old Court House East Grinstead , you worked so hard and explained to us in terms we could easily understand what it was you done and you did it so well Thank you and hope to have you back soon.

June 7th 2016 - Spiritual Awakening - Barry and Sheila Martin

At the end of February I went to see Peter Langhorn and his Spirit Surgeon guide Sir Reginald . I was given very positive healing when I went home I was in so much pain I had been screaming , I had taken the maximum of eight zapain a day but since the beginning of March to the present day I have taken none at all when I go down to the surgery now I can get on and of the nurses couch without any help at all they are dumbfounded . I think the pair are fantastic and if you are in physical pain contact Peter.

July 22nd 2016 - Patrick Kite

My mum experienced psychic surgery. I was the nurse. I found the experience to be throughly engaging in which I could see Peters Spirit Surgeon throughout the entire session. He was wearing his full surgery clothing of avturguoise green blue which fastened down to the front of his ankles. He was also wearing a surgeons hat of the same colour. He also wore black shoes with toe caps and black laces on his hands he wore white gloves. Today 12/ 12/ 2016 was my first meeting of Peter Langhorn, I would like to recommend his services for my friends, family in the future and in addition to private healthcare Testimonial via Louise Russell's daughter.

December 12th 2016

My dad has chronic Arthiritus in his knee and had been in hospital for eight weeks he's now home and in a great deal of pain today . Peter Langhorn visited my dad and with Sir Reginald his spirit surgeon they worked their magic my dad can now move his knee woohoo even dad was surprised many thanks Peter.

February 2nd 2017 - Marie Robinson - Hove

We would like to thank Peter Langhorn for his wonderful demonstration of Psychic Surgery . A great evening was had by all . This has to be seen to be believed.

February 16th 2017 - Cranleigh Awareness Group Facebook

Hi everyone I just thought I would let you know that it is just over a year that I stopped taking Zapain medicine , I was on eight a day thanks to Peter Langhorn and Sir Reginald his spirit surgeon the pain is no longer with me . I can't thank these two gentlemen enough.

March 10th 2017 - Patrick Kite - Facebook

Peter demonstrated at a charity event for St Barnabus Hospice that I organised and the five volunteers that where helped have been in touch since to tell me that they where still pain free or its lessened . It was a lovely evening done with dignity and respect

March 18th 2017 - Val Harber - Facebook

Last night was amazing not only did I have a very peaceful pain free night. I have not coughed once and I am full of energy. Peter thank you allowing me to partake of your wonderful gift and Sir Reginald your spirit surgeon who without none of this could happen ,thank you both .

June 14th 2017 - Doncaster Spiritualist Church - Glenys Dunnat Facebook

Well what an amazing evening we had with Peter Langhorn and his spirit surgeon Sir Reginald Watson Jones. The people who received healing where flabbergasted how they where free from pain, especially after some of them had suffered for years. It certainly was very different but throughly entertaining and everyone enjoyed it.

June 14th 2017 - Doncaster Spiritualist Church - Sue Humble Facebook

Thank you Peter for your healing today on Amber. I am amazed at how well she has improved. Once again thank you. I have now my best friend back.

July 3rd 2017 - Jason Davey - (Amber his pet dog)

What a fantastic night Peter Langhorn you where amazing with Sir Reginald your spirit surgeon from all of us at South Elmshall Spiritualist Church, can't wait for you to come back. Bless you for a wonderful evening of pain free healing.

August 10th 2017 - Beatrice Nesbit - Pontefract Facebook

I just want to say a huge mahoosive thank you to Peter Langhorn . Just over a week ago since your amazing spirit surgeon gave me psychic surgery for my chronic siatica when I was almost bed ridden . I am now 90 percent pain free and I feel like I have sparkle back in my life.

August 2017 - Jacqueline Brookes - Facebook

In deep gratitude to Peter and Sir Reginald for wonderful healing I received today . My side has no inflammation feels warm so comfortable and bless you for the healing for our little baby.

May 4th 2018

I put myself forward for healing with Peter and his spirit surgeon for a painful hip , I have waited a few days and can honestly say that the pain has gone.

Linda Sweet - Pontypool - Wales - 2019

My dearest Peter , I want to thank you and Doctor Reginald Watson Jones for the amazing healing that we both received last week , my friends knees are great now , no pain at all , As for me I am speechless , I have had so much discomfort with my stomach and after three years of hospital and doctors visits with no satisfaction , I was desperate and didn't know what to do next , It was after my last useless doctors visit that I realised that only a spiritual surgeon could help me , Thankfully I found you through your website , I feel so different now and I am having more energy day by day , it's a great joy to get out of the bed in the morning and I don't look pregnant anymore lol , I am certainly recommending you to people and that you also heal animals too is wonderful. A massive thanks again Peter.

Carole Jackson - West Dulwich London - 26th January 2019

All testimonials, names of which can be verified.

I have been in bed for two days now with neck and vertigo problems as soon as I spoke with Peter I felt the heat in my stomach which spread to the neck as he spoke to me. I followed Peter's instructions and felt so relaxed. He knew exactly where the pain was and I felt a little crunch in my neck. It was such a lovely experience and I was free from pain.

Well I have to say thank you for the phone healing that I had today with Peter. He said relax and I could feel the heat coming from my body through to my hands. Then I was asked to put my hands on my back and neck, the heat was unbelievable. He knew the spots that were the worse. Oh my Godness I did feel the heat. I must say it was amazing, I felt no pain.

Just received some wonderful phone healing from Peter Langhorn. I could feel the heat entering my body. My old back pain disappeared instantly and the work he did in my heart seems to have paid off to. I'm not feeling any more tightning of the chest or having to use the defibrillator spray. I can honestly say that this man is a vassal channelling pure healing.

When Peter begun to send healing I felt it warm throughout the body and how it begun to tingle and became hot in my head then it got hot in my hands so Peter then asked me to put my hands onto my son to transfer the healing. It was fantastic.

23rd 0ctober 2015 Tj Griff Facebook. A huge thank you to Peter Langhorn - just received psychic surgery healing by phone and wow Truly amazing. Anyone who is suffering any types of aches and pains. I would recommend you have this type of healing done , my pain instantly diminished .

15th December 2015. Thank you for the amazing healing you and your guide have just given me, my left shoulder has been so painful from an old torn muscle injury that flared up a few weeks ago and five minutes on FaceTime with you and my mobility is back, plus the infection in my chest has stopped rattling when I breath in and out thank you so much Peter love and lite Jackie Ceesay. Happy Xmas and great new year to you all Peter.

17th April 2016. Thank you Peter Langhorn for the healing I have just received over the phone , my throat is feeling much better and my voice is back . I can recommend Peter who is an excellent healer.

Wendy Jobson

18th September 2016. I want to thank Peter for the healing via camera Facebook . I have been in physical pain for many years and I am now pain free , Wonderful healing.

Joanna Katrin - Bender Country, Iceland

18th September 2016. Just had an amazing session with Peter Langhorn and his spirit surgeon Sir Reginald for my best friend and pet Alice. Her reaction was very positive and she was receptive to the healing administered. I will let her rest and see the results tomorrow so excited , thank you Peter.

Christine Hallworth and her dog Alice

Sunday 23rd October 2016. I have not had a pain free day since 2001 . I forgot what it's like not to have pain . I almost feel like a teen again lol , Thank you for your gift of psychic surgery you and your spirit surgeon are truly a blessing.

( Facebook )

23rd November 2016. A wonderful psychic surgeon I know. Anyone who suffers from pain or who has animals that need help. I can honestly say his work with his spirit surgeon is amazing.

Katie Bethune

28th November 2016. Amazing work by this incredible man ,he sent healing through to me to transfer with my hand onto my daughter. I followed his instructions my daughter fell asleep without coughing. Healing is in process my daughter is calm and cough free while she sleeps, thank you Peter and Sir Reginald amazing work.

Facebook Gem Marshall

1stDecember 2016. Peter I can't believe this well actually I can ,I attended the live Facebook healing session last week. I had been diagnosed tumours on my thyroid M R I ultrasound confirmed went for the biopsy and they where gone thank for my healing and thank you Sir Reginald and Peter for being an instrument for this.

Jan Peterson Calahan - Oakley - California - United States

6stDecember 2016. I contacted Peter for my two year old daughter has a nasty chesty cough constant temp and not eaten or slept for days . Peter Langhorn kindly face timed me he told me clearly what I was to do shockingly my daughter sat very calm and quiet throughout she even answered when asked if her chest felt better which was a surprise as she is very shy , Within minutes of finishing our call my daughter has hardly coughed and even climbed of my lap to play with some toys , her breathing seems a loss less panty , I can't thank you enough keep up the great work you are doing Carla Dee.

Carla Dee - FaceTime

December 2016. Peter and Sir Reginald gave my dog Murphy healing on Sunday via a Skype session. Murphy has recently been diagnosed with a lump in his bladder and has been very uncomfortable the last week. After the healing he slept all day and night and then yesterday he was more like his old self wagging his tail and does not seem to be in discomfort. I would like to thank Peter and Sir Reginald for helping Murphy for the pain and discomfort he was in.

Sarah Claire - Facebook

1st January 2017. Had a healing session with Peter and Sir Reginald and I could not believe the relief I have had since. I have been suffering from terrible sinus and flu virus since Christmas, I can't explain how good it feels feeling 100 percent better. I really recommend Peter Langhorn and his healing and I think he is to go world wide with his work so snap him up now if you need him and a huge thank you again to Peter and Sir Reginald.

Lisa Doc - Facebook

10th January 2017. Jim and I both felt a change in the pain level, Jim experienced pain in his neck ,arm and hand after your healing session the pain had gone Audbrey Mansfield First time joining you had serious back pain and now pain free.

Cathy Swank - Facebook

21st February 2017. I am totally amazed and thankful to the wonderful Peter Langhorn and his spirit guide Sir Reginald after taking part in his live Facebook healing session the pain in my back subsided dramatically last night . After a brilliant nights sleep I woke this morning to find all the pain had gone and I was able to breathe without pain for the first time in weeks . I am truly blown away thank you so much.

Mary Walsh - Facebook Live

13th March 2017. Peter Langhorn I want to say thank you so much for my face cam video call to help heal my son. I can't believe the difference in him. He is so much better and as he is a child you did not charge. I am so thankful to you.

Carly Jayne McLuckie - Facebook

18th April 2017. Thank you Peter for your live healing tonight . I cannot believe how the pain in my arm and shoulder has gone . I keep checking and moving my arm and still no pain . This has been a problem for a few weeks and was getting worse , I was watching Live tonight Thank you I am amazed.

Susan Phillips - Facebook Live

September 2017. My five year old daughter Nieve has recently undergone chemotherapy and extensive abdominal surgery . However we where devastated to discover her wound was not healing properly and she had to undergo further surgery for the wound . Before the procedure Peter and Sir Reginald kindly offered their services to perform healing . The surgery went extremely well and the surgeon commented that the breakdown of the wound was not as bad as he originally thought . Thank you both Peter , and Sir Reginald for helping us achieve this amazing result.

Angie Mckeown - Facebook

1st February 2018. I contacted Peter for healing on my kneck lower back and knees . He knew about the tingling in my feet my sinus headaches . Totally amazing to have a healing session with Peter , I love the energy.

Lisette Norton - USA - Face Cam

5th may 2018. What an amazing healing treatment.

Sherri Combs - U.S.A (Gizmo our beloved Chihuahua)

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