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I can come to you and heal your pain

trance healing

What is trance healing?

Trance healing is a gift given to transfer the healing energy from a spirit that involves the conscious state of the healer. This energy works on the mental, emotional and physical level of the patient receiving it and trance healing can also lead to psychic surgery where discomforts and pain can be removed from a persons body.

How trance healing works?

During any session I go into a deep meditation to reach a state of trance that allows me to link with my Spirit Surgeon Sir Reginald Watson Jones and once I'm receiving the energy from the spirit I will be able to pass it into the patients body.

What happens during trance healing?

After the patient tells me where the pain is on their body, I transfer my mind and hand with the assistant of the spirit surgeon to go into an operating theatre to perform an operation with my hands on the patien's body where the pain is. Sometimes the patients are anesthetized with my healing for the time up to 15 minutes. After the trance healing is terminated the patience can feel sleepy or euphoric, but free of pain and discomfort.

Booking a Trance Healing Session

* Before starting a trance healing session I always advice to consult a doctor.

* For any trance healing session every patient will require a witness to verify what is happening during the healing.

I am based in Dorking, Surrey but I am prepared to travel anywhere in the UK to share my gift. To book a session with me, please use the book now button below.

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